is a new program that lets you control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse.Multiplicity is a computer program that allows the use of one keyboard and mouse to access two or more client computers from a host computer. It is distributed by Stardock as part of their ThinkDesk subscription, as well as being available separately. 

If you've ever used a multiple monitor equipped PC, then you can imagine how Multiplicity works. Each monitor is connected to its own PC. When the user moves the mouse over to a given monitor, the user is then controlling that PC.

It's ideal for power users, engineers, graphics designers, gamers, or anyone else who has ever seen the benefit of multiple monitors but wants the full power of multiple computers working seamlessly together. Multiplicity Pro even lets you copy and paste folders/files between machines.

Please note: Multiplicity is not a "remote desktop" application. Each system continues to need its own monitor to display that PC. Multiplicity is used to seamlessly move between multiple machines and control them from one primary PC.



  • Clip and Paste - Share your clipboard contents among your master and slave computers, including images!
  • File and Directory Copying - Easily move files, or entire directories between computers! (Pro Version)
  • Hotkey Support - Multiplicity supports fast switching to the connected computers via configurable hotkeys and mouse buttons!
  • Fade/Darken Indicator - Multiplicity can fade or darken the non-focus computers, to further enhance navigation speed.
  • Onscreen Display - Multiplicity can be configured to display an onscreen indicator of your current location.
  • Locking - Support for locking your mouse to a specific desktop (configurable).
  • Security - Full password protection, and domain control internally.
  • Threshold Option - Full support for threshold control of mouse movement between machines.
  • Alternative Control Methods - Multiplicity supports various control methods, such as Jog Dials, and Spatial Controllers.


  • Control - This is the ultimate application for putting you in control.  Whether it be with two, or three computers, the fact that with Multiplicity you can interact with them as they are one and seamlessly move between them - is an important breakthrough in computing! Best of all, the pro version allows for copying files/folders between computers!
  • Power - Imagine being able to work in a word processor, completing a proposal for your company on one PC, play a deep strategy game on a second PC, and chat with a friend/surf the web on the third - sounds powerful doesn't it? Multiplicity is about power, and putting the power of your desktop within a single keyboard and mouse.
  • Simplicity - It doesn't get any easier than Multiplicity. No complicated and expensive hardware contraptions, no convoluted software with tricky configurations.  Multiplicity installation is fast and painless, and our configuration wizard guides you through the stages in minutes!  Its about simplicity, and making your life easier, its Multiplicity.
  • Greatly increase your productivity!
  • Easy to use interface! Get your machines working together in minutes!
  • Copy and paste images and text between computers seamlessly.
  • Great for graphics designers, 3D animators, developers, or other professionals who want or need the resources of multiple computers at their disposal but want to work with them as if they were a single unit.
  • Also great for gamers (particularly MMORPGs) who might want to keep an eye on other things on one monitor while the game runs on the other without any slow-down (or control two characters at once).
  • Terrific for users with a desktop PC and a laptop who want to control both from a single keyboard and mouse.
  • OS X client in development.


  • Synergy — A Free software option that allows users to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers over TCP/IP. It is multiplatform (Supporting Windows, linux, and others), and supports text copy and paste.
  • Any remote desktop software that runs on the X Window System, together with a suitable window manager, can achieve the same effect, though not as efficiently. This approach does not require the use of multiple displays, but Xinerama can be used if multiple displays are desired, if at least one of the machines is capable of connecting to multiple displays at the same time. However, the fact that this approach works by actually transporting the display output from the other machine(s) to the primary machine could make it too slow for demanding apps such as video/audio apps.

System Requirements

  • At least one monitor per computer and a TCP/IP network between machines is required.
  • For use with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista 32 - and 64 - bit OSes supported.
  • Internet access required initially to install.


Multiplicity makes it easy to set up primary and secondary computers. When you install it, it asks whether that PC is going to be the primary or a secondary.
Once you define the primary, it allows you to define left and right secondary machines (custom interface for those with more than 3 machines).
Multiplicity can search your network for machines with Multiplicity. It includes security to make sure other people can't control your PC.

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