SoftBank 813SH 3G Phone

Check out the new SoftBank 813SH 3G phone by Sharp. This phone does not sport a camera - and is primarily intended for use in locations where cameraphones are banned due to security restrictions. You don't want anyone with a camera snooping around in your Government's secret service agency, would you?

The SoftBank 813SH features dual display, and the outer display can display up to 3 lines of new incoming email - quite a nice feature. The 3G phone also features a full fledged browser and can open PDF files. Other goodies include a QVGA LCD display, support for microSD memory card, address book backup facility and bi-lingual in Japanese and English.

The phone is available in Matte Black and Pearl White, weighing in at 104 grams

SoftBank 813SH 3G Phone

Sharp is determined to overtake Motorola on the mobile phone market with her new 3G cell phone - the Sharp WX-T81 flip phone which has awesome outlook and great features and specifications.

Sharp WX-T81's 3G phone manages to pack rich features in its chic make. The phone features dual screen which are a 2.2? LCD screen that supports up to 240 x 320 resolutions, and a 262K ASV-CGS color display. Besides dual LCD Screen, the Sharp WX-T81 flip phone also comes with dual cameras which are a 1.1-MP for video conferencing and a 2.0-MP and photos snapping.

The stylish design and powerful multimedia features of the Sharp WX-T81 flip phone are good enough to give a tough fight to KRZR in the global market.